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School of Journalism and Mass Communication Course Sequence

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FULL MAJOR STATUS: All students interested in a Mass Communication major must reach full major status in order to start the full-major course sequence.

Effective Fall 2020 the following requirements are needed for admittance: a letter grade of a ā€œCā€ or better in MC 1301 and at least a 2.25 overall GPA. 

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COURSE SEQUENCING: The sequences below only contain courses restricted to full-major status and indicate the preferred order of completion per the Fall 2020 catalog. There are other courses required for each major that require full-major status but are not a prerequisite for other courses. Some courses may not be offered in the summer. Prerequisites are subject to change.

Due to the sequential order of Mass Communication courses, students should be aware of course prerequisites and minimum course grade requirements found in the undergraduate catalog. These majors are prerequisite driven which may cause a delay in your anticipated graduation date. Students who are not admitted to the program until their Junior year should expect a delayed graduation. Students are encouraged to complete admittance requirements by their sophomore year in order to take advantage of internships, career development as well as complete their degree in a timely matter.

SJMC 2020 Course Sequence
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