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Student Acknowledgement of Understanding

Please access the College of Fine Arts and Communication Academic Advising Syllabus

CFAC Academic Advising Syllabus

Purpose of Advising for the College of Fine Arts and Communication:

Academic advisors in the College of Fine Arts and Communication are here to assist students with developing and implementing educational planning to support them in attaining their educational goals. During the students’ tenure at Texas State, advisors want to foster the advising relationship to ensure that students are aware of the resources and opportunities available to them at the University.


Academic advising requires participation by both the advisor and the student. Active involvement by both parties will ensure that students achieve the expected learning outcomes in order to develop a clear educational plan. Advising is used as a means to teach students the components needed to successfully attain their educational goals while at Texas State. Advising should not be viewed as a one-time encounter, but as an ongoing process that helps the student develop both academically and personally throughout his/her academic career. Throughout this process, both the student and the advisor will have specific responsibilities.


Student Responsibilities:

As a student you have clear responsibilities in the advising process

• Know the requirements of your degree program

• Know University policies, procedures and deadlines

• Participate proactively in the decision-making process

• Schedule timely, regular appointments with an advisor during each semester

• Keep a personal record of your academic progress in your advising notebook

• Ask questions--be an information seeker

• Clarify personal goals and values

• Accept responsibility for academic decisions and performance

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