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Fine Arts and Communication Advising Guidelines

Please read the following advising guidelines and acknowledge your understanding at the bottom of this form

GENERAL INFORMATION: The undergraduate catalog contains requirements for all degrees. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the policies, procedures, and course requirements described in the undergraduate catalog.

• Degrees require a minimum number of overall hours (this can be found on your Degree Audit; your transcript will not represent an accurate degree hours total). A minimum of 30 hours must be completed at Texas State University.

• Degrees require a minimum number of 36 advanced hours (this can be found on your Degree Audit). Of the 36 advanced hours, 24 must be completed at Texas State University.

• Minimum GPA requirements for graduation for all degrees except those seeking teacher certification, Communication Design, Musical Theatre, Technical Production; 2.00 TX State, 2.25 Major, 2.00 Minor.

• Violation of the 45/30 Hour Rule or the 3 Attempt Rule may result in being charged an excess hours fee. To learn more about this policy go to Student Business Services. Please ask your advisor if you have any questions regarding this information.

• Texas State University has a specific repeat policy. Information on this policy can be found in the undergraduate catalog. It is your responsibility to understand this policy prior to repeating coursework.

• Apply for graduation at the beginning of the semester you intend to complete all degree requirements. Deadline date information can be found on the academic calendar. The Tuition Rebate application and guidelines is located within the graduation application.

• All students (including transfer students) seeking graduation with honors must have completed a minimum of 54 credit hours at Texas State plus the appropriate Texas State GPA. Calculation of the GPA to determine honors is based on all Texas State hours. The catalog contains all the requirements for graduating with honors. Honors announced at Commencement are based on previous semester standing.

• Students are responsible for checking their registration eligibility to determine registration time and hold status. This information can be accessed on the Office of the University Registrar's website

• If you do not attend for a Spring or Fall semester you must reapply for the semester you intend to return. You should review the Undergraduate Admissions website for information.

PRE-MAJOR STATUS: Most majors have specific requirements to achieve full-major status. These may include, but are not limited to, GPA, coursework, portfolio review, and auditions.

• Failure to attain full-major status in a timely fashion may prolong your expected graduation date. In most restricted programs, students should expect remaining courses to take 2 to 3 years to complete once achieving full major status. 

• If you are unsure of the requirements to achieve full major status, you should ask your advisor. Pre-major status may prevent you from registering for restricted courses.

Do you know the requirements that need to be met to achieve full major status for your degree/major? *
Do you understand that delaying achieving full major status may prolong your graduation due to the pre-requisite nature of your degree/major? *

This advising session is to provide academic information. The information is not based on Federal Financial Aid rules. To ensure you are meeting Financial Aid Rules, contact the Texas State University Office of Financial Aid: or (512) 245-2315. If you are on a Financial Aid Appeal Plan it is your responsibility to make your advisor aware of this.

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